Crucible Parody: Act III
Updated: 3/15/2021
Crucible Parody: Act III

Storyboard Text

  • It was just a prank bro!
  • Marry's testimony is full of it! We would never do such a thing!
  • I don't feel like I can.
  • Could you pretend to faint for us Mary?
  • Listen I only thought I saw spirits alright!
  • Yeah, it's suddenly so drafty in here.
  • Is anyone else cold?
  • Tell the truth, NOW!
  • Marry must have casted a cold wind upon us!
  • What in the world is happening..
  • Oh boy, this is quite a predicament isn't it.
  • Abigail! You are a lying thot! We both know we had an affair! And we both know you want my wife out of the picture so you can replace her!