Updated: 1/7/2020
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  • No matter what, I need to get my love
  • Darling, I believe you with all my heart. You can do that.
  • If you bring me the head of the six-headed monster haunting our country, I will let you marry my daughter. If you can't bring it, I'll take your head.
  • Dude, we're a great team. When we defeat the monster, I will try to make you a real person.
  • There was a boy named Geralt in the kingdom of distant lands. This boy was in love with the king's daughter, but the king had no idea.
  • You can't go through here. I'll eat you alive.
  • One day Geralt came to the king. He tells the king that he loves his daughter and wants to marry him. However, Geralt faces an unexpected situation. The King wants something from him.
  • Yes, we will.
  • Ready to do anything for his love, Geralt left. Climbed the steep slopes. Passed through broken bridges, rivers full of monsters. He never got tired. On the way he found himself a comrade. They were going to kill the six-headed monster together.
  • I am so happy.
  • There was a cave in their path. When they entered, a giant stopped them. The giant wanted to kill them, but they were strong when they were together. They beat the giant. Now they trusted each other even more.
  • They finally reached the monster's lair. They had a great fight and finally won this war. They took six monster heads to the king.
  • We can do it.
  • King let Geralt and his daughter marry. They turned Geralt's comrade into a human being. After that day, the country became very peaceful because the monster was gone. Geralt and his wife lived happily ever after.
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