Updated: 5/30/2020
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  • Good morning students, how are you this morning ?
  • Good morning Mrs,Rock i'm fine thanks.
  • Good morning teacher, i am good thanks.
  • Very good Sarah, Does anyone have anymore examples?Another one can be a dog, like the example placed on the board.
  • Good morning teacher, i'm tired today.
  • In today's class we are going to be talking about nouns. Does anyone know what a noun is?
  • A noun is a describing word.
  • ....
  • I am not sure teacher
  • Nice try Ariel but not quite. A noun is a part of speech that names an idea, person, place and thing.
  • Animal; Cat
  • So you mean like Chefette teacher?
  • A rat is animal
  • Animal; Dog
  • Another example can be Miami that is a place.
  • ThingCattableRabbitBook
  • PersonSarahAriel JonathanJonas
  • PlaceMiamiNew York
  • Please turn to the board to see some examples of nouns.
  • Oh wow! New York.
  • According to what we have done today i'm going to give you guys some homework. Please copy from the board.
  • HomeworkUnder each heading place 5 NOUNS that match each. The headings are; Thing, Person and place.
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