Social Studies Electoral College Project
Updated: 11/7/2020
Social Studies Electoral College Project

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  • In the 2016 Presidential Election, it was Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton...
  • Such a nasty woman!
  • The Presidential Debate of 2016
  • What would happen if I just walked out right now?
  • What we wanna do is to repleni-
  • Hillary Clinton received almost 2.9 Million more votes than Donald Trump...
  • Election NewsPresidential Election Voter ResultsHillary R. Clinton (D): 65,853,514 Votes (48.2% of all votes)Donald J. Trump (R): 62,984,828 Votes (46.1% of all votes)
  • However it doesn't matter who YOU vote for, it's who the Electoral College votes for...
  • Why is there a Kanye on the ballot?
  • The Candidates need 270 votes out of the 538 Electoral College votes...
  • Election NewsPresidential Election Electoral College ResultsHillary R. Clinton (D): 227 Electoral College VotesDonald J. Trump (R): 304 Electoral College Votes
  • Hillary Clinton would've became President if the Elections were based only on votes...
  • I am so delighted to make history at the first female POTUS. I would like to start by saying... 
  • This Comic Strip is based on Voting and the Electoral College Votes.The Electoral College can change the whole course of the Presidency and history. At least the members of the Electoral College are knowledgeable of the positives and negatives of each candidate. It's how they make who's who president. Made by Gage and Taj for Social Studies
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