Muslim Progect
Updated: 12/20/2019
Muslim Progect
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  • It all started in a caveA man named Muhammad saw an Angel
  • What are you?
  • And he said...The angel told him gods will
  • Many years later he created law and a whole new religion called Islam
  • He died of old age and the muslims decided to chose Abu Bakr .They used violence to get land which was not very effective
  • Ha your dead no die and go to h*ll
  • There became two types of muslims.The sunni thought Abu Bakr was muhammad's true successor.The shia thought Ali was.
  • They fought wars to take land spreading the religion The got out of the desert all the way into Spain, North Africa They still treated the people of the conquered lands goog
  • The Abbasids governed next and was different because they were a theocracy (claimed toto rule by divined right.
  • Then the Umayyad family leads by moving the capital conquering Parts of Asia more of Africa, Eastern Mediterranean.They made another name for themselves called mords.
  • The End
  • But Then they lost to France on December ,10 ,732.
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