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A wrinkle in Time
Updated: 5/22/2020
A wrinkle in Time
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Storyboard Description

They land on Camazotz.

Storyboard Text

  • They land on the planet Camazotz and the landscape looks a lot like Earh. The trees look familiar.
  • This almost looks like Earth.
  • But if you weren't afraid to do what you did when you were a star, why should you be afraid now?
  • I was afraid. We will be watching you. All I can give you is a talisman.
  • I bet if I counted the flowers there would be the same amount in each yard.
  • Our "A Wrinkle in Time" travelers have landed on the planet Camazotz. The trees look familiar and the landscape looks a lot like Earth.
  • They’re skipping and bouncing in rhythm! Everyone’s doing it at exactly the same moment.
  • Charles asks why Mrs. Whatsit is afraid. She already beat the black thing once. She said she was afraid and that the Mrs. W's can't go explore with them.
  • “We couldn’t do it that way if we tried. What doesit mean?”
  • As the kids explore Camazotz they notice the houses, flowers and paths all looked the same. Everything was eerily similar like it was all being controlled.
  • Back? Where?
  • Let's go back!
  • “I don’t know. Anywhere. Back to the hill. Back to Mrs Whatsit and Mrs Who and Mrs Which. I don’t like this.
  • Even the kids acted and played exactly the same. They jumped rope and bounced balls all in rhythm.
  • Even the moms looked the same & came out of their houses in unison. All the kids caught their balls and folded their ropes at went in at the same time too.
  • But they couldn't go back. They had to find out what or who was controlling the town and people. Will they come face to face with the black thing?
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