Updated: 2/15/2020

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  • Tally, promise me you won't get caught. I want to see you pretty. So don't get caught. We can be together in 3 months.
  • I promise, Peris.
  • I-I'm sorry...
  • Hey I'm ugly too. I'm Shay.
  • I've never been this far before in the Rusty Ruins.
  • There is someone I want you to meet. His name is David.
  • Tally and Peris were best friends. But when Peris turned 16, he was turned into a pretty and sent to New Pretty Town. Tally, who was still only 15 which meant she was still an Ugly, sneaked into New Pretty Town to talk to Peris. When they meet, Peris makes Tally Promise that she won't get caught so she can turn pretty in 3 months.
  • Why am I here? Why can't I be pretty?
  • You cannot be pretty until you help us find your friend Shay. We know you can help us find her.
  • Tally runs into the park area so she can escape. She thinks she is about to get caught so she apologizes to the person who she thinks is after her but it turns out its an Ugly named Shay who also sneaked over. The two became friends and Shay helped Tally with her escape.
  • If you help these people than you can get them out of your hair.
  • And then you can be pretty and get out of this place.
  • Shay convinces Tally to come with her to explore the Rusty Ruins. She also wants her to meet a mysterious man named David who doesn't show up. But, Tally is still happy since she gets to ride a roller coaster.
  • I told you about the letter. Can I turn pretty now?
  • I-I want to be pretty. I'll do it.
  • Tally if you don't go find Shay you'll look like this forever.
  • Shay tells Tally she's going to run away but Tally decides to stay since she wants to be a pretty. But, Tally is taken to Special Circumstances which is another group who are trying to find Shay. Tally meets Dr. Cable. who tells her she has to help or she stays Ugly for life.
  • Tally is forced to go back to her Ugly dorm and is treated different since she was an Ugly who didn't become Pretty. Her parents, Ellie and Sol, come to visit her since they heard about her staying Ugly and they tell her that she should help the special circumstances people.
  • Tally tells Dr. Cable about the note that Shay left as clues to find her. Tally thinks she will be done but Dr. Cable tells her that the only way she can be pretty is to go out and find Shay. Since Tally wants to become pretty, she decides to go find Shay.