Biology FInal Project
Updated: 6/4/2020
Biology FInal Project
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  • Grace has just finished her biology course and she decided to take her little brother on a walk. She wanted to teach him about some of the concepts that she learned.
  • Look at that bird eating in the tree over there!
  • Of course!Inputs: carbon dioxide and waterLight energy -> provided by the sun -> provides the energy for the reactionOutputs:oxygen gas -> released by the plantsglucose -> a sugar used by plants for energy
  • That's so cool! The bird is eating the insects in the tree. What does the tree eat to make energy?
  • Plants are producers and are able to make their own energy throughPHOTOSYNTHESIS!
  • What is Photosynthesis?
  • Equation: CO2 + H20 ----> C6H12O6 + O2 light
  • I'll explain.
  • Photosynthesis occurs in an organelle called a chloroplast.
  • Can you explain each part of the equation?
  • Chlorophyll is the pigment in plants that allows them to absorb the most amount of energy from the sun
  • They walked back home and continued to look around while contrasting the differences between producers and consumers.
  • It is really amazing how this process works! Thanks for teaching me about it.
  • No problem! I still find this very interesting and I learn new things everyday
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