don't lie
Updated: 2/5/2020
don't lie

Storyboard Text

  • make sure you take the groceries out of the car ok dear
  • ok sure, right away going to listen to want you said
  • ok good girl
  • and its really freaky outside too, and I'm really scared
  • do I really need to get the groceries ?hmm let me think..
  • well its not that important so.. I won't need to do it, it would be fine if mom didn't know
  • but first I will need a plan..
  • I will need to go and get an empty garbage bag
  • tissues,toys,andshampoo and conditioner too,
  • sounds weird, I know but because mom bought big bottles of juice and water and I want it to be realistic
  • then fill it up with random things like: