Tanach timeline part 2
Updated: 2/25/2019
Tanach timeline part 2
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  • פרק ט"ז
  • Hashem, what should I do?
  • The Jews complain about not having food and Hashem tells them that he will rain down bread for them to eat and that they may each take their portion per day
  • We want food!
  • Once again, the Jews are complaining that they want water. Hashem tells Moshe to hit a rock and water comes out
  • פרק י"ז
  • We want water!!!
  • The Jews battle Amalek and win due to Moshe keeping his arms raised
  • Censored
  • פרק י"ח
  • I have come and bought my daughter, your wife, with me!
  • Yitro comes to Moshe and brings his daughter, Tzipporah, who is also Moshe's wife
  • Hi Tzipporah!
  • Moshe! Moshe!
  • Ahh! This is too stressful!!
  • The Jews are going to Moshe with all their questions and it is too much so Yitro comes and suggests a jury system so that he will have less to answer on his own
  • Why don't you set up a jury system?
  • The Jews arrive at Har Senai and were given rules about the mountain
  • This is a holy mountain, don't touch it!!
  • פרק י"ט
  • Moshe came down from Har Senai after 40 days and 40 nights with the 10 commandments
  • LUCHOT 10 commands
  • פרק כ
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