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Updated: 4/29/2018
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  • In Violet's Room--The Trophy Organization
  • At Breakfast--The Article
  • At the Candy Store--The Find
  • Ummm, Mom? You don't have to count and organize my trophies....
  • At Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory--Meeting the Other Contestants
  • Oh look. A competition for a tour of the chocolate factory might be fun...
  • In the Gum Room--I'm a Blueberry!
  • I got a Golden Ticket. I got it!!!
  • On the Balcony of the Chocolate Factory--What Happened to Us?
  • Ok, so these are the other contestants. They look ok. There's the rich girl, Veruca Salt and her father, sounds like that disgusting-tasting medicine that you have to force down; there's Mike Teevee and his dad, I heard he does nothing but watch TV; there's Augustus Gloop and his mother, my gum they're fat; and there's Charlie what's-his-face and his grandfather. Who brings their grandparent on a tour of a chocolate factory? Weirdo.
  • Ahhhhh! What's happening? I'm turning into...a BLUEBERRY?!?! That's impossible. Mom! Help me!!! Mr. Wonka, you crazy old goober! Help! Do something, someone!!!
  • Wow, so this is how we all turned out after the tour? Mike Teevee is a super-skinny giant from being re-sized; Augustus Gloop is actually super-thin from that tube; Veruca Salt and her father are super-trash-covered fromthe garbage shoot but are cleaned up now; and I'm super-stretchy. I think I got best of all, even though it was super-scary being a giant blueberry. And Charlie and his grandfather and Wonka come out perfectly fine. Humph.
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