Updated: 3/22/2020

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  • One night in the fall of 1885 Robert Louis steven was dreaming...he was so excited abouth his dream that he wrote the famous story known as the strunge case
  • Dr Jekyll wellknownand respected doctor and scientist in London.he is a tall and handsome gentleman friendly and rich he large home is beautiful and elegant.
  • Mr Hyde on the other hand is described as small, ugly and hairy and appears only at night he does not seem to have a job hyde isan evui man who commits violent crimes including murder after the murder hyde disappears
  • AS the story develops Dr Jekyll becomes more and more distant from his friends and the society around him his friends suspect that Dr Jekyll relationship wuth Mr Hade might be the cause of is strange behavior.
  • after Mr Hyde is found dead in Dr Jekyll laboratory in a letter he left Dr Jekyll explained that he was leading a double life he Mr Hyde uere really the same person!
  • Dr Jekyll had discovered a potion chemicals which he took thatturned him into Mr Hyde giving him a completely different identity as hyde personality was fiding it more and more difflcult to change back to his orginal personality. to prevent Hyde from taking control forever