Sherlock Holmes year 9 English
Updated: 4/29/2020
Sherlock Holmes year 9 English

Storyboard Text

  • So, what do you make of the stick?
  • Reflections, Watson...
  • *Watson examines cane left by unknown visitor*
  • My dear Holmes, you must have eyes at the back of your head!
  • "To James Mortimer, M.R.C.S., from his friends of the C.C.H.," suggests an elderly doctor who was awarded the object after years of faithful service.
  • Watson then goes on with the conclusions of the cane, and says the "C.C.H. is probably the mark of "the something hunt," a local group to whom Mortimer provided some service. "
  • Well done, Watson, well done!
  • I am afraid, my dear Watson, that most of your conclusions were erroneous
  • C.C.H actually means Charing Cross Hospital
  • The cane was probably presented on the occasion of the man's retirement from the hospital, and only a young man would have retired from a successful city practice to move to a rural one.
  • Holmes playfully announces, given the appearance of master and dog at their front door.
  • The man must possess a small spaniel, given the bite marks on the cane!
  • Hello! I am Dr.Mortimer
  • Mortimer arrives, introduces himself, and talks to the embarrassed Watson. An ardent phrenologist, Mortimer admires Holmes' skull and announces his desire to consult with "the second highest expert in Europe," a moniker which Holmes disputes.
  • I have a serious and extraordinary problem
  • Why have you called on me Dr.Mortimer?