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Narrative tense
Updated: 8/30/2020
Narrative tense
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  • A man was so happy to meet his daughter and his ex-wife. They hadn't met each other for years before the night. He and his wife split up because he had an affair with her best friend for 3 years. She was full of hatred when they got devorced. house and live together again.
  • So, he was wondering why she decided to come to meet him with his daughter. She said "I'm glad to meet you again. Me and her have really missed you and wanted to meet you until now". He hadn't expected that she said that she wanted to meet him, but he was glad to hear that. She continued "If you want, you can come to our house and live together again".
  • He didn't have any doubt why she was so nice to him all of sudden. He said "yes." He was happy and his daughter was happy to. They kept hugging for a while on the street.
  • They started to live together. It was like a dream for a man. He had been dreaming of living with his family again. Everything in the house made him feel so nostalgic. When he was looking around the house, he found clothes that look like men's. He was suspicious, but he thought that it might have been his he used to wear before he left them.
  • One day, his wife told him that she and her daughter was going to stay at her sister's house that night because her sister got hurt at an accident so she had to take care of her. When they left home, they had a large bugage. Her wife said " please don't go out tonight because I think a package is going to come ". He said "OK". When he looked at his daughter just before they left home, somehow she seemed sad. She also said sorry to him.
  • That night, he was watching TV alone in the living room. Suddenly, he heard the siren of a police car in distance. It sounded like it was coming closer. Someone knocked the door. He felt a bad feeling. When he opened the door, two police men was standing. One of them said that he was in charge with murder, so they came to arrest him. He realized his wife betrayed him. She had a trouble with her lover and killed him in an argument. Then she came up with an idea to take advantage of her ex-husband. He shouldn't have trusted what she said on the road that night.
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