the robot

Updated: 10/29/2020
the robot

Storyboard Text

  • Hi Ana, how are you?
  • I have got a surprise for you!!
  • Well, I'm a bit tired.
  • It's a robot! we can use it in the house
  • Hello. Can I help you?
  • Wow. It's fantastic!
  • It's got a camera. It's got a touchscreen and a keyboard. It's got a lots of things.
  • I can take photos and play games, too.
  • Robot! I need the answers to these sums for school.
  • Ha! Now I can play games.
  • I can't read these answers. I don't understand anything.
  • The answers are in Robo-pen, a language for robots
  • Have a nice day at school, Ana!