Comic powerpuffgirls
Updated: 8/15/2019
Comic powerpuffgirls

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  • A few years ago Mojo jojo arrived to the city looking to damage the city being evil. Since he arrived to the city there have been a lot of problems and he destroy most of the city. The powerpuff girls previusly tried to get out to Mojo jojo of the city but it has been impossible
  • We need to think a plan to beat him once and for all!
  • We need to think in his weaknesses
  • That's a good idea! If we make a cereal road that will guide to us?
  • And if we give a lot of bananas 
  • We can get his attention with food!
  • Yes i'm going for him
  • After they thought a plan, they organized everything to start with the attack On the other side Mojo jojo is creating a weapon to destroy the girls
  • Oh no!! I hope the powerpuff girls are not so dumb to fall in the trap
  • Finally my lightning is ready and now they can never beat me. I will pretend an emergency call to fall in my trap
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