Digital citizenship - stolen identity
Updated: 3/9/2020
Digital citizenship - stolen identity
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  • Oh my, Sarah that is horrible to hear. Have they been damaging your reputation in anyway?
  • Hey Sarah, why the long face?
  • Hey Henry, well today I came across a Facebook account that was using my identity.
  • Oh no Sarah you need to do something about that, asap.
  • Can you help me Henry?
  • Well they have been cyberbullying people using my name and photos so people think it is me doing it....
  • Okay now lets go up to your room and have a look at this account
  • 10 minutes later they arrive at Sarah's house
  • I really hope you can help me get this sorted because I don't want to be portrayed like this.
  • On the computer it shows message of "Sarah" cyberbullying other people
  • Then we need to make all your social media friends aware of what has happened.
  • We need to report the account and alert police.
  • You are ugly and fat!
  • No one likes you!
  • See Henry, it is horrible what should I do? I would never speak to someone like this!
  • No problem Sarah, maybe from now on keep your account and information on private.
  • This account has been reported for identity theft!!
  • Oh thank you so much Henry, I was so worried that account was going to ruin my chance at this new job.
  • Yes, It is important to maintain a positive digital citizenship, which could mean filtering your digital footprint, and keeping your information private so anyone and everyone cant access it or even use it
  • Awesome, well until next time Sarah and be safe, responsible and ethical while using the internet.
  • Just before I go have you learnt anything from this?
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