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Classical Lit. Project Storyboard
Updated: 12/4/2018
Classical Lit. Project Storyboard
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  • Greetings! I am Kris, I am Tanner, I'm Staci, I'm Payton, and I'm Michael. Kris: And welcome to "Terra Veta"! Today we will be discussing about the land of Carthage. It's vast and amazing history brings us here today. Carthage is an expansive place that needs to be explored. Although being part of many moments in history, it has a major significance in its time in the book, The Aeneid by Virgil.
  • Aeneas and his men arrive to the land of Libya after a storm. Achates and he look for a land to be sheltered in. Venus appears to them and takes them to Carthage.
  • Once Aeneas arrives and all of the Trojans are welcomed by Dido, Dido falls in love with Aeneas by Cupid's arrow. Then Juno marries Aeneas and Dido. After Aeneas is reminded of his fate, he leaves Dido heartbroken. Dido kills herself and her sister Anna burns her in a pyre.
  • An Introduction to whole Travel Channel. Will introduce each person and their roles in the project. The intro will starting details about Carthage and will lead to its relation to The Aeneid.
  • Aeneas: Son of Venus and Anchises. Leader of Trojans.
  • Venus: Goddess of love and beauty. Mother to Aeneas.
  • Juno: Goddess of Marriage and Queen of the Gods. Favors Carthage & despises Trojans
  • Dido: Queen of Carthage. Fled from Tyre for safety
  • This first half of the summary will describe the events of Aeneas' arrival at Carthage. An actor for Aeneas, Achates, and Venus will play this scene at a pool and park. The ships arriving will be at a pool and the the rest will be at a park.
  • Carthage
  • Currently in present-day Tunisia, Carthage was located in North Africa. It was near many trade routes and had a splendid harbor. It was neighbors to Italy and Sicily which will cause trouble for it in the future. The city grew to about 61-74 acres.
  • This second half of the summary will describe Aeneas' last moments at Carthage. Filming of the palace scenes will take place at a park or home. Marriage of Aeneas and Dido will be at a park. Dido's death and funeral will be at a house or home. Two more actors will be needed for Juno and Anna.
  • This section will give descriptions to each main character present at this point in the story. The Goddess' descriptions will be filmed at a park. Aeneas will be filmed at a park. Dido's description and interview will be filmed at a house
  • This third section of the episode will demonstrate the geography of Carthage. How big it is, where exactly it is, the terrain, and its neighboring lands.
  • This fourth and last section of the episode will display the art, food, culture, and dress from Carthage. Certain foods will be prepared and eaten for the episode. The model for the dressing will act as a vendor selling food. Filming will take place in both the park and a house.
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