The proposal

Updated: 5/19/2020
The proposal

Storyboard Text

  • Why, of course she’ll consent! She’s in love...she’s like a cat in heat...and so on...I won’t be long!
  • (Greatly moved) Honored Stephan Stepanovitch, do you think I may count on her consent?
  • Please tell me one thing: is your Messer overshot or not? Yes or no?
  • No mine, honored Natalya Stepanovna
  • (Laughing) What are you talking about? Oxen Meadows are ours, not yours!
  • Mine!
  • It’s not true, they’re ours!
  • That’s why he was dressed up in that silly suit and all that. The stuffed sausage!
  • Propose to me? Why didn’t you tell me that before?
  • Papa, tell us truly, which is the better dog, our Messer or his Guesser.
  • What’s the matter now?
  • He’s better!
  • Worse! Worse! Worse!
  • And they lived happily ever after!