To Kill A Mockingbird
Updated: 1/24/2020
To Kill A Mockingbird
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  • Communicating with Boo Radley
  • Scout at School
  • Miss Maudie's House Fire
  • Dill, Jem and Scout try to communicate with Boo Radley, who is trapped as a 40 year old. They try to see him through a window and use a fishing pole to cast a note.
  • Francis and Christmas at Finch's Landing
  • Scout goes to school, and is very literate for a 1st grader. She tries to show her talent, but is met with disapproval by her teacher, Mrs. Caroline, who is unprepared for such a task as managing this group of children.
  • Ole' One Shot Atticus
  • Miss Maudie, their neighbor's, house caught on fire! People crowd around to attempt to put it out, and Jem and Scout have to stay outside, where it's very cold. Boo Radley puts a blanket on Scout from behind, which surprises her.
  • Mrs. Dubose
  • Jem and Scout go down to Finch's Landing, which is the place of their ancestry, to celebrate Christmas. However, Francis annoys Scout by saying that her father, Atticus, loved black people and was ruining the family. She punches him then.
  • A dog walks down the street, and Jem and Scout see it. It's a rabid dog. The police officer is called in, but forces Atticus, knowing his good aim, to shoot it instead. He didn't want to and doesn't like killing things, but does it, to the astonishment of Jem and Scout.
  • Mrs. Dubose, a very old lady from a past age, passes away. She was known to be cranky and unpleasant, but that was primarily because of her morphine addiction. She was racist, but was also very brave. Jem cut her flowers, thinking that she was a selfish, unthinking jerk. He reads to her for a month as punishment, and receives an angel figure after he learns the truth.
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