Updated: 5/27/2021

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  • I will sleep for 45mins, I will study later for the test.
  • Oh no! I slept for too long, I had to prepare for the test & also I have to go to play.
  • I'll do one thing , I'll go & play for an hour then I'll start studying. 
  • YAY!!
  • Start studying for your test! if you don't study y'll not be able to give your test properly.
  • 5mins mom...
  • This is a lesson for me... I shall never procrastinate again.
  • I should have studied on time...now everything is hard to learn 
  • Let bygones be bygones, from now on I will keep studies as my first priority.
  • Only after completing my studies or any important work, I will proceed to the other activity.