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Shogunate Japan
Updated: 9/23/2019
Shogunate Japan
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  • Russian representative Nikolai Rezanov reaches Nagasaki in a failed attempt to establish trade relations with Japan
  • 1804
  • Shogunate bans foreign ships
  • 1825
  • Rebellion led by Oshio Heihachiro to overthrow city officials and wealthy merchants who did nothing about the poverty-stricken poor.
  • 1837
  • July 8, 1853
  • Arrival of (American) Commodore Matthew Perry who, through a series of unfair treaties, forces Japan to end the Sakoku Period
  • Tokugawa Yoshinobu becomes the 15th, and last Shogun. Under his reign there was a civil war between the Pro-shogunate Daimyo and others who favoured the emperor. He eventually resigned in the hope of uniting Japan.
  • 1867-1868
  • Final Collapse of the Shogunate and reinstatement of the Emperor
  • 1868
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