American Revolution TD
Updated: 11/24/2020
American Revolution TD

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  • 10th of February, 1763: Treaty of Paris
  • The Treaty of Paris was signed by Great Britain, France, Portugal and Spain, agreeing over the victory of Britain in the Seven Years' War. Despite the victory, Britain was posed with financial difficulties due to war efforts, which eventually led to the taxing of the colonists.
  • The British Parliament imposed a tax on their colonies, where the colonists had to pay the tax on every piece of paper. This caused an uproar among the Americans, which became the first sparks of revolution (and perhaps rebellion).
  • 1st of November, 1765: Stamp Act Passed and Protests Break Out
  • In protest of the Tea Act of 1773, Bostonians gathered around the port and hijacked a vessel that carried tea, which was thrown into the sea, causing about £10,000 worth of damage at the time. This led to the relationship of Britain and America being at its nadir.
  • 16th of December, 1773: Boston Tea Party