S.S comic strip
Updated: 1/9/2020
S.S comic strip
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  • We came to attack and take control over you all!
  • attack!
  • were almost there!
  • we have to keep going
  • The first Punic War broke out when the romans crossed over to sicily, considering Hannibal's rivalry with rome, prompting a roman declaration of war on carthage.
  • Great job on the win, but we can not continue we need a new plan!
  • Quickly, Hannibal and his army fled to cross the alps and into italy, making there way to carthage, taking elephants with them making a good game plan.
  • Why don't we attack Carthage while they dont have anyone to defend them
  • Because of harsh weather conditions, a lot of Hannibal's army died from lack of food and cold temperatures, leaving them with a smaller army, and less elephants
  • We won we Defeated Scipio!
  • Hannibal's well-planned strategies allowed him to conquer several Italian cities allied to Rome. But is realizing that he cannot lead his army all the way to Rome due to lack of supplies and reinforcements.
  • A man named Scipio Africanus won many battles against little towns just outside of Carthage but had a great idea. He thought instead of joining with other armies to fight against Hannibal near Rome, he would go attack Hannibal's town, with no one to defend it.
  • The last battle of the second punic war was the battle of Zama. Scipio was defeated by Hannibal and the 2nd punic war ended.
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