part 2
Updated: 9/1/2019
part 2

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  • You have been a great burden to the community. The crimes you have committed are innumerable. It is best to remove you from the city forever.
  • Well, suit yourself. Kill me all you want.
  • “You really think you can get rid of me that easy?”
  • Crime rates have risen in the past few years. In the heart of Lanao, there lived a pair of criminals that seemed to know their way around the city. They are Omak and Makao. They have been wanted for so many years yet. The pair always had their way after every crime they made, and this frustrated the chief’s sons, Indara and Solaiman.
  • Because of this, the sons have decided to remove the dynamic duo once and for all. They devised a plan that must have the outcome of both criminals dead. They asked permission from their father if it was alright. They decided to make it into a secret mission and ambush the two criminals one by one.
  • It's your turn to die.
  • The day of the plan came and it was Solaiman’s duty to seek Omak and stop him from spreading more crime in the city. He was in full gear that day when he sneakily entered the basement where Omak was hiding. Finally, when he got the chance he tried to fire a bullet at Omak but failed. He missed and that moment made Omak chuckle.
  • I miss you brother.
  • And without any hesitation, Solaiman fired his gun at Omak. Sadly enough, Omak knew about this plan of theirs, which moved him to call backup ahead of time. As Solaiman fired his gun, Omak’s backup also fired theirs,ending up killing Solaiman instead.
  • After his brother’s death, Indara wanted to seek revenge. He was not happy with the turn of events. With that, he sought to find Omak and his new hiding place to avenge his brother. He was wiser than his brother, so he had a different plan. Indara fired at Omak and hit him in the neck, the criminal’s smile vanished; he fell on the floor and started to quiver until he quivered no more. Indara looked for Omak’s partner, Makao, and killed her the same manner he killed Omak. He found him, and he successfully achieved in killing Omak’s partner.
  • After killing the criminals, he went back to the crime scene where his brother was killed. He felt sad that he lost his partner in fighting crime.
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