battle of chickamauga
Updated: 2/10/2020
battle of chickamauga

Storyboard Text

  • It all started in the summer of 1863, when the Union Army of the Cumberland advanced towards Chattanooga by crossing the Chattanooga River.
  • The Union Army was planning on attacking them, and the Confederate general knew of this, so he gathered extra soldiers to prepare.
  • The Confederate general launched a counter attack on the Union Army on the banks of the Chickamauga Creek.
  • The Chickamuaga battle would last for 2 days, with a series of soilder deaths, as well as general deaths on both sides.
  • The Union retreated leaving the Conferacy at victory. Although, allowing the Union to reach the Chattanooga safetly resulted in reinforcements of the Unions reversing the results.
  • It doesn't matter who won the battle though, because in the end, nobody truly won. There was an excessive loss of life that day, and was losing over 34,000 people really worth winning?