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Updated: 3/26/2019
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Storyboard Text

  • Keikoa and Peter Bond run up the stairs and chase after Chris Captures Medium and Short camera shots. Serious music plays to create suspense and lead the viewer into a false sense of seriousness.
  • Serious music stops while anime running graphic and goofy spongebob music play. Peter Bond and Keikoa run after Chris in the halls, performing some gags. They stop at the water fountain for a drink, camera captures long angle shot. Then Camera moves closer to actors. 
  • Funny spongebob music continues. Camera follows as Chris runs to the door. Peter Bond and Keikoa follow Chris. More funny gags are performed. The camera captures medium and close shots.
  • Ace Attorney music plays as a joke. Chris does some jukes against Peter Bond and Keikoa "breaking their ankles" and runs into the cafeteria. Funny gags are performed along the way.
  • Chris runs around a table fooling Peter Bond and Keikoa. This funny gag requires Yakety Sax Music. The video will be looped if necessary.
  • The actors find Lucas, who has been missing. They all mock and ridicule him for being a swine. Lucas trades spots with Keikoa and they continue chasing Chris down the hall until the end
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