Updated: 2/19/2019

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  • She's mine
  • will she notice me?
  • Once long ago there was a boy named Jax who lived in a small studio apartment in New York City. Jax was a very privileged boy because he was a great dance so his life was made at such a young age and everything he got was the best of the best. Jax started dancing at three years old and his parents were already in the entertainment industry which gave him many opportunities at such a young age. He worked with stars like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston before they passed away, and he was offered many scholarships to schools he didn’t even fill out the application for. Jax was the definition of a young prodigy and he loved every moment of what he did and loved every reason why he did it. On the other hand there was also another young dancer and his name was Joshua but people called him Josh for short. Josh was also a very good dancer but he started dancing at ten, so Jax had more experience. Josh’s parents were also very overprotective, so they treated him like a toddler and he didn’t get to do must of his opportunities. Josh was very envious of Jax and he was always trying to get whatever Jax had whether it was clothes, shoes, money, all the way down to his apartment. Josh begged for an apartment because he wanted to be Jax so bad he broke into Jax’s home and tried to steal all of his new groceries for payback.
  • Unfortunately Jax caught him on the way home and he just carried him out like nothing happened at all. Infact jax was so humble he even tried to give Josh some things he didn’t want anymore, but it never failed that Jax was a jealous Jim and wanted everything he had. He was so obsessed of Jax’s life that he mocked the way he walked, talked, danced, and he even counted the times he blinked every second. Joshua was a lunatic and he had no control over the way he was becoming.
  • Josh did not want Jessica to fall in love with Jax under any circumstances, so he tried to sweep her off her feet before Jax could. One morning Joshua seen Jessica walking to the dance studio and he stopped by and told her to get on his motor pad. Jessica really did not feel like walking but she honestly though he was weird, and she did not want to be caught on the back of his motor pad. She told him she was fine and she kept on walking, so Joshua had to come up with another plan. Meanwhile Jax was trying to find a way to ask her on a date, because he really wanted to get to know her.
  • When Jessica got to the studio Jax ran up to her and he stuttered to get his words out. He finally asked her out on a date and she turned red like a tomato. No one had ever asked her on anything before and she was the happiest girl in the world at thee moment. She immediately said yes, and gave him her address. Later that day Jax got prepared to go over and get her for dinner, he made himself a speech for her parents and brought her a small gift. Josh had been of course listening so he got prepared to take her on a date as well, and he made sure he had the biggest flowers in the store so he could outdo Jax. The boys were both at the front door fighting, because they both knew she’d like themselves and not the other one. The next day came upon the beautiful city of New York and it as the day of the moonlight. The day of the moonlight was a old NYC story when all the evil people in New York become their inner selves. This day happened every 100 years, and only the old New Yorkers new about the day from their parents told t o them by their parents and so on. Noone in the city believed this day was actually true, and if it was true no one knew how bad it would possibly be. Everyone thought of it as the day people would act even more evil, but they didn’t really focus on the change of things. 
  • The door slowly opened and they both went inside, and her house was magical. There were fairies in birdcages, talking statues, and beautiful scenery all around the house. Jessica was shocked because she was not ready to leave the house, and she did not open the door. She ran to the back room screaming, and the boys both followed her. They entered a big room and the door shut before a blink of an eye. They both turned around at the same time, and Jessica was sitting down crying with her head down. Josh was evil so he already knew what was going on, so he tried to escape but the room got dark. Josh held on to Jax in fear that the girl would turn into a evil human and devoir him. 
  • The lights turned on after 5 minutes and the girl was a wolf. She had been hiding her secret that she was cursed, and on the day of the evil she would forever have hair on the side of her face. She felt so ugly, and Josh did not want any parts so he pushed Jax toward her and ran out the house. Jax knew she was hideous but he loved her personality and he still wanted to take her on a date. The two sat there for hours talking about her curse, and Jax knew that he would soon have the coolest wife in the world, because she was a wolf girl. Jessica loved her face at the end of the night and the two lived happily ever after.