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Updated: 1/7/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Mama why did we have to move none of the kids at school like me
  • We had to come to america for a better life rafaela
  • They call me racist names and say bad things about our family
  • You can't worry about things like mean kids you must ignore them
  • Mama look it is a pizza place can we get some
  • No Rafaela you know we do not have much money since your father left
  • Pizza
  • Rafaela, honey I know that you are tired of life being like this but we have to endure untill I save up enough money to buy us a nice house
  • But mama I would rather be back at home in mexico
  • Come on honey I will make some plantains their your favorite
  • Its so unfair it feels like I am the only one at school who is poor