I thought it was the perfect crime....
Updated: 6/10/2020
I thought it was the perfect crime....

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  • I have gambling debt that I need to get paid or I feel something bad will happen.
  • There is a small bank in town that would have just the amount of money I would need.
  • There would be a few things I would need before I follow thought with that plan
  • It is going good but I need your help with my plan to get myself out of debt.
  • Hey sis how is it going?
  • Okay 1st we need to find weapons that we could use if the tellers do not want to cooperate. Next we need to get out timeline straight so we can get us a driver to help us get away from the scene, then we will need to get us masks and clothes so they can't tell who we are.
  • I know someone who could help us with the weapons, and maybe even get us a blueprint of the bank so we know all the inns and outs.
  • Alright let us get together what we need.
  • I will have it I swear.
  • I have brought you what money I have now I will get you the rest later.
  • Okay if I do not see the money we will have issues.
  • I will give you 48 hours if I do not have the money then I will find you.
  • Okay I have the weapons did you buy the clothes?
  • Yes I have the clothes now we just need to get the timeline straight. so we can get the time to the driver.
  • now that we have the timeline we can inform the driver but we need to keep him clueless until it's time for him to pick us up.
  • There he is... Hello you are Mark right?
  • Could you be in this parking lot tomorrow at 5:00 on the dot?
  • I called a driver he should be here anytime.
  • I will be here at 5:00, see you then.
  • Yes that is me..
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