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camel rider
Updated: 8/23/2020
camel rider
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  • Oops I should have hobbled its feet, wait that is what Walid was telling me, I am an idiot!
  • I can't believe Adam didn't hobble the goats feet and tied it to a tree.
  • "THE GOAT"
  • "Besurah! Hurry! We must catch the goat"
  • Does Walid know the goat is called Marge?
  • Its a good thing that i do so much surfing because due to that i have really strong legs, so i can run!
  • "Look! There she is!"
  • We've got to catch her
  • We are running fast after the goat. And Ad-am has stopped his crying. Maybe he is not so crazy, but just scared in the darkness. Now, at last, he is showing some sense. 'Together we will catch her.'
  • She is running up the side of a mountain. Of course that is easy for her she is a mountain goat.
  • Adam and Walid realized that Marge the goat escaped.
  • Walid must have really tough feet because he is bare foot and he dosent even notice we are on thorny bushes and rocks!
  • Adam and Walid spot Marge. they spot her through some trees and start going after her.
  • I can hear Marge up the mountain
  • Adam and Walid are running after Marge. They are determined to catch her.
  • Its so weird how far this mountain goes down!
  • The boys crash through some thorny bushes as well as tripping over rocks.
  • Adam and Walid start scrambling after Marge up a mountain.
  • The boys chase her down the opposite side of the mountain. Adam becomes a bit suspicious of how the mountain goes down deeper than other mountains.
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