Elodie and Olinda
Updated: 10/5/2018
Elodie and Olinda
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I wanted my character, Elodie to learn that she does not need to be jealous of her sister because she has so many other great characteristics that her sister does not possess. Also, I wanted her to learn that even though her sister got more attention than her, hurting someone who deep down you truly care about will not help you be the person who is looked at better.

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • Aren't they just gorgeous!
  • Rising Action
  • Why do they never notice me?
  • She is so amazing!
  • Look it is Princess Olinda!
  • Hubris
  • I need your help with something....
  • In the small kingdom Aleidan, a King and Queen had two daughters who would eventually rule over the kingdom. One of the daughters was named Elodie and the other daughter was named Olinda. King Caspian and Queen Chrysies loved the girls very much.
  • Climax
  • Quickly let us get out of here!
  • As they got older Olinda started to receive almost all of the attention from her parents and all of the people in the kingdom. She always got what she wanted, she never had to share, and all of the villagers adored her. It made Elodie extremely upset.
  • Falling Action
  • No please give me another chance! I can fix it I can do better!
  • Elodie became so upset and jealous of her sister that she went to her boyfriend, Haneck. She sought any sympathy or compassion that she could get. She eventually asked him to help her with one of the most extreme things she has ever done. She decided that she was going to kill her sister in hopes of finding love and attention in her parents.
  • Conclusion
  • Do not, under any circumstances shall you ever let them out.
  • As the time drew near for her to carry out her plan came closer for her plan to take action she was filled with rage. She waited until Olinda returned to her room. She crept silently into her room while she was asleep. She drew her knife above her head and stabbed Olinda in the heart. She had finally done what she had been wanting to do for so long. She felt the feeling she had not felt for a long time, happiness.
  • Finally!
  • Once she had killed her sister she began to feel remorseful. She began to think about everything that she had just done. She was flooded with memories of her being ignored and unloved and she realized that she was going to receive the wrong type of attention. She also realized jealously got the best of her. Her chance to bond with her sister and to create amazing memories were gone just like that. She decided to tell her parents and accept her punishment even if that meant death.
  • It was her she did it.
  • When she told her parents what she had done they were upset about the death of Olinda, but they were even more disappointed that her own sister killed her. They could not look Elodie in the eye. They were heartbroken, but even though Elodie is their daughter they still have to punish her because it is a crime. They decided they were going to lock her deep in the dungeon where she could spend the rest of her life with her boyfriend in the other cell.
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