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Updated: 3/28/2019
Unknown Story
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  • This fire is pretty warm Mr.Holtien 
  • The heat's kinetic energy is being released
  • The heat from the fire is an example of kinetic energy being released. The chemicals inside the wood are what causes the energy change. The heat is unable to be used again which is an example of entropy
  • The sound from the water washing up on the beach will not be able to go back "Into" the water. The position of the water is what causes the energy change. With every new position of the water it causes a new sound, and makes a chemical change every time it came onto the water. The sound would not be able to go into the air then go "back" into the water to happen again.
  • At the beginning of the baseball game, my face was cool and not burned. During the game the light from the sun created a kinetic light energy. This mixes with the chemicals on the skin and cause the skin to burn. The heat that exits the sun wont exit the sun again which causes the entropy.
  • The sound of the bat hitting the ball is an example of a kinetic energy reaction. The position of the bat is what causes the potential energy. Finally the entropy takes place when the bat hits the ball. The bat won't get the sound or motion back, it can't be out back into the bat.
  • The heat of the wheels riding on the blacktop causes the kinetic energy reaction. The motion of the wheels is the example of the Potential energy. Then The heat of the wheel creates an entropy. When the heat is against the blacktop you can't put the heat back into the wheels.
  • The boombox is a an electric and motion kinetic energy. The electric because of course the boombox is powered with electricity but also the motion because of the vibration that travels outside of the boombox which you can feel when touched the speakers. The vibration that exits the boombox will never go back into the machine. It will continue to have different vibrations over and over again. Which is what causes the entropy.
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