Book 11 - Taylor Wortmann
Updated: 4/8/2021
Book 11 - Taylor Wortmann

Storyboard Text

  • Alas, we've made it! It's time for the sacrafice. 
  • I have everything set up, time for the ritual!
  • Your trip back home will be hard, if you want to stay alive, don't take any cattle!
  • Ulysses and his men arrive in the underworld. He starts to prepare the ritual. 
  • Ulysses gets the stuff ready for the ritual, including, two sheep, a trench dug, wine, milk, water, and barely sprinkled around.
  • I need to leave, they're becoming scary!
  • Ulysses attracts Tiresias, and he tells him that he will make it home, but it won't be easy. He also tells him to not steal a single cattle, or his men will die.
  • Ulysses attracts his mother, and she tells him that his wife has remained loyal, and his son is trying to take charge of the palace filled with suitors.
  • Your wife and son are safe, but the suitors have taken over! 
  • His mother contines to tell him about things going on. She informs him that his father is very sad, and won't leave the house. He misses Ulysses dearly. She also tells him how she died, of saddnes from missing her son.
  • Your father won't leave the house, he thinks you'll never return. I died of grief from missing you...
  • So many ghosts want to taste the blood on my sword so they can ask me questions!
  • Ghosts began to gather around Ulysses, begging him for a lick of blood. They want to know what's going on in the real world, they're desperate.