Internet Safety
Updated: 9/9/2020
Internet Safety

Storyboard Text

  • Hey, what's up?
  • I'm going on vacation.
  • Yeah, I saw your plans on Facebook.
  • You did! Great!I put everything on there.
  • Going to the Bahamas!!!Staying in Bahama Mama Hotel!Cant wait!!!
  • I love flying Delta.I'm flying on 10/16/20on flight #150.The plane is leaving at 1:30 pm and arriving at the Bahamas at 3:30! I will be gone for one week.
  • It's not good to put your vacation details on Facebook.
  • Why not? I want everybody to know.
  • If everyone knows you're gone, they can steal your stuff.
  • Wow! I didn't think of that.
  • And, don't brag about your vacation because people may get jealous.
  • You are right I am going to take my plans off of Facebook right now.