Updated: 5/10/2020
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Hero's journey

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  • OH my god is the hero Hercules
  • I'm the bestyeh
  • what an idiot
  • Yes
  • Will you guys marries each other.
  • I love my Dad.zzzzzzzzz
  • Yes your going to die HAHA
  • We begin in Heracles; hometown of Thebes. He's a totaly popular, a global hero.
  • Meeting with the Mentor
  • I will do what i have to do
  • Hercules hometown has to pay homage every year to the king of the Minyans. one day Hercules comes across them and he kills them, the king is outrage and sends his troops to kill Hercules but Hercules kills all of them and for that he marries the kings daughter of Thebes
  • Crossing the Threshold
  • You must to these labors for your crimes.
  • , Hera, hate's Hercules a lot. She wants to ruin his life, because he is Zeus illegitimate son Hera decides to drive Heracles to insanity. This causes Heracles to behave in some seriously un-hero-like ways,Kills his own children.
  • Tests, Allies, Enemies
  • Thank you for help
  • Heracles goes to the Oracle of Delphi. The Oracle tells him he can atone or make upfor his horrible crimes by serving King Eurystheus of Argos.
  • Heracles offers to serve King Eurystheus of Argos in order to atone for the crimes he has committed. King Eurystheus tells him he must successfully complete ten labors. Heracles agrees.
  • Yes i agree
  • Heracles tackles the ten labors perfectly. He does so with the help of certain gods and allies, and he encounters several enemies and foes along the way.
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