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Updated: 11/7/2018
Social Studies Project
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  • French and Indian War
  • Acts
  • You must follow the Parliament!
  • Groups
  • The French and Indian war: The French and British had gone to war with each other. They had been going to war with each other because they had been fighting over land. The war had taken place in the land where the two Empires had attempted to claim. This had been a small war fought for land. This all had started over a piece of land.
  • Protests
  • Acts had been specific laws from the Parliament. The British's actions had been delayed from where they had been, so, to assist with keeping rule of the colonies, the parliament created certain acts to keep power. The acts had mostly been created during the British rule over the colonies. The British parliament was the ones who enforced acts. The had been given power from the British to rule the colonies due to the fact that the British had been far away.
  • Revolution Begins
  • Groups had been the land in which the British had stayed. The British needed somewhere to set up and live. The British were inhabiting this land. This had been around the time when the British had first settled in America. The British had taken the land by force.
  • Declaration of Independence
  • Protests had been held to go against the British law. Protests had been held usually near the British, stores and more. People who did not like the British rule had done this. These usually had happened during the British rule. This had started due to the British creating more laws.
  • The revolution was caused due to the British's unfair rule. The colonists had decided to strike back and fight for their own rule. The colonists and British had gone to war. The war had happened due British rule.
  • The Declaration of Independence was created to separate the colonies and free them from British rule. This happened after the American Rev. The founding fathers had been the ones to write this.
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