Overall Reductions
Updated: 5/23/2020
Overall Reductions

Storyboard Description

The girl is late for a meeting with the eco club and she is saying that the driver should go faster this is ironic because the girl should be conscious of all the carbon emissions around her and yet she is saying the car must go faster and thus emitting more and more Carbon into the atmosphere. The father is very big into lowering his families carbon footprint shown by all the examples he gives of him doing such things. the father then tells the daughter that she must be more conscious about her carbon footprint. The daughter then apologizes and starts looking at reducing carbon emissions in a completely different way.

Storyboard Text

  • Charlie you of all people should know that if we go faster we emit more and more CO into the air
  • Dad can you please tell the driver to step on it I'm going to be late for my eco club meet up at school
  • Yes Dad I know but I'm still going to be late.
  • Can't you see I'm always trying to lower our CO2 emissions. For example I set up solar panels on the roof and I switched to LED's and I have done much more
  • You should have rather gone by bus or carpooled with your friend who is also going to the meeting
  • Yes, Dad I can see the irony in it. I'm sorry I will start thinking "greener" and we should take as long as we need to get to the meeting.
  • Don't you think its a bit silly that you are going to an eco club meeting and you are telling the driver to drive faster?