Digestive Systems

Updated: 5/20/2020
Digestive Systems

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  • IN & OUT
  • By: Tamya Dewberry
  • The digestive system begins in the mouth where we chew our food and the saliva in our mouths help to soften the food.
  • After you swallow your food it goes thru your esophagus like a slide and lands in your stomach.
  • Once your food lands in your stomach it gets burned by something called acid which is used to melt the food so it is easier to be transferred.
  • When your stomach is finished doing its job the "melted" food gets transferred to your small intestine where nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream. Then comes your large intestine which absorbs water from the indigestible food like the cookie you just ate.
  • Now it is time for that cookie to be transferred to the liver which secrets biles/ removes toxins from the blood. The gullbladder is next and its job is to store/sac for bile
  • Thank you for listening to me tell you about the digestive system, the parts, and their functions.