"Because I Could Not Stop For Death"
Updated: 5/4/2020
"Because I Could Not Stop For Death"

Storyboard Text

  • I love recess!!
  • Whoa...I'm aging. Just here living my best life...
  • "Hi, ma'am. It's time to die. Would you please step into my carriage?""I'm not really ready to go though, sir.""I understand, but it's time. We'll do this together."When Death personified comes a-knockin', you answer.
  • My life is flashing before my eyes. Childhood was pretty cool and enjoyable; midlife (the grain) was filled with maturity, and the setting sun means life is over...Those symbols are deep...
  • "That's my "house" forever? What a crazy metaphor.""Yeah, how do you feel about that?""Um, okay. Let's ride on, I guess. No need to get too emotional about it. Acceptance of the inevitable produces a calm existence."