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Updated: 10/1/2020
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  • Mysterious ghost
  • Wakichi
  • Space World
  • Tia walked into her room to take a nap when all of a sudden she found a mysterious ghost. Tia was frightened, but the ghost quickly explained why she was there. She said she was there to take Tia on a trip to different worlds, and then they disappeared into a cloud of white smoke.
  • Sugarland
  • The first place that the ghost took Tia to was a place called Wakichi. Tia noticed that there were a group of Wakichians that looked like they were going to go hunting. When Tia asked about it, the ghost explained that in Wakichi everything is done the way it always has been done according to their customs because they have a traditional economy.
  • Mixedville
  • Tia and the ghost teleported to Space World. Tia saw a little boy who was crying, and he explained that he went to the store to get a pack of gum but he didn't have enough money to buy it, for it was $5 and he only had $2. Tia felt really bad for the boy, and the ghost explained that the government in Space World controls the prices of goods. Since there is only one brand of gum here, the price is much higher than it would be anywhere else since they have a command economy.
  • Goodbye
  • The next place that the ghost took Tia was a place called Sugarland. Tia went to the Sugar Stand and saw two different brands of lollipops. The Sweet Tooth brand was cheaper than the Sugar Rush brand, so she bought a Sweet Tooth lollipop. The ghost told Tia that the two brands were different prices because they are in competition with each other and the people in Sugarland set their own prices on goods, unlike Space World. This is because they have a market economy.
  • Sweet Tooth- $0.50Sugar Rush- $0.75
  • The last place that the ghost took Tia was a place called Mixedville. The ghost explained that here in Mixedville, going to a university is very cheap, but they can also attend more expensive, private universities. The ghost says this is because they have a mixed economy.
  • After their visit to Mixedville, the ghost took Tia back to her home. Tia thanked the ghost for travelling to these different worlds, and explained that she had lots of fun and learned some new things. They said their goodbyes and with that the ghost disappeared.
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