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The Neolithic Period
Updated: 10/8/2020
The Neolithic Period
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  • The Neolithic Era is a time period between 8000 BCE to 3000 BCE. We live in a semi-nomadic life style.
  • We start to grow crops in our society with irrigate system. We have more food to eat and store, which means we can develop our society with a bigger population.
  • We can also use the surplus of food to trade with other villages. We build canals for trading and transportation. We also build some merchant ships.
  • We invent wheels and more advanced tools. We can create and control fire. We also start to make pottery.
  • We also have devine rights in our society. We believe in animism, that all things on earth has a own spirit. We also pray for our ancestors
  • We have a division of people in jobs. We believe that some jobs are better than others, so we develop a system of social classes.
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