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Rome Storyboard
Updated: 12/3/2019
Rome Storyboard
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  • Rome is located in Italy, which includes a peninsula and islands in southern Europe. The Italian peninsula is shaped a lot like a boot and reaches into the Mediterranean Sea with its toe pointed toward the island of Sicily.
  • A king was worried that his twin nephews, Romulus and Remus, would be threats to his throne, so he ordered a soldier to drown them. However, a wolf found them and took care of them before Romulus and Remus found out who they really were. They fought over who was going to rule their new city as revenge, which caused Romulus to kill Remus.
  • Two important Etruscan structures the Romans adapted were the arch, which sat on two pillars, and the cuniculus, a long underground trench. The Romans adapted both of these structures and, in time, became even better engineers than the Etruscans. They used arches to build huge public works, including bridges, stadiums, and aqueducts to carry water over long distances.
  • The Romans adapted two Etruscan sports; slave fighting and chariot races. Two slaves of the dead master fought to the death with swords and small shields, but after the winner was congratulated, he was executed. In chariot races, charioteers would be strapped to their chariots druing the race, which often led to injury and death from carrages overturning, being dragged under the chariot's wheels or trampled by the horses
  • The Romans used Greek designs in their own public buildings. Eventually, they learned to use concrete to create even larger structures, such as the Pantheon in Rome. The Romans also used concrete to build huge stadiums like the Colosseum, where gladiators fought.
  • The Greeks and the Romans had many similarities in writing, such as writing in all capital letters and carving important documents in plaques or walls. The Greeks influenced Roman art, such as the realistic sculptures being models for realistic paintings. The Greeks influenced Roman religion because all of the gads are the same, just with Roman names.
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