1066 pt.3
Updated: 8/12/2020
1066 pt.3

Storyboard Text

  • Look at me well! I am alive. I shall win! Why do you run away?
  • We're going to pretend to run away so the english chase us and break their shield wall
  • Attack!!!
  • The Normans backed off because they heard that William had died so they got scared. After the Normans backed off William stood up, took his helmet off and said "Look at me well! I am alive. I shall win! Why do you run away?"
  • William then played a trick on the English by ordering his soldiers to run away from the hill. The Normans did this and it made the English break their shield wall. Once the English chased after them they turned around and fought them.
  • RUN!!!
  • The Normans ended up killing hundreds of English soldiers after they played this trick. They then pushed up the hill and killed many English on their way there. Once they got to the top they broke through the remains of the shield wall.
  • I am now King of England
  • When they broke through the shield wall they shot Harold Godwinson in the eye with an arrow and he got stabbed by a Norman soldier.
  • The last few English soldiers flee when they hear that Harold is dead but the Norman soldiers chase them and kill any they can catch.
  • William of Normandy has won the battle of Hastings and he walks to London to claim his well earned crown. He was crowned the King of England on the 25th of December.