The Prodigal Son

Updated: 7/29/2020
The Prodigal Son

Storyboard Text

  • Then, the son realized;
  • I should go back home to my father and brother. But the is no chance that he would forgive me after what I have done
  • The son started imagining what horrible things his father would do to him if he decided to go home.
  • But he finally got the courage to go home, so he packed his bags and left for home.
  • Stuff
  • When he got home, his father was waiting for him.
  • DAD!!?? IS THAT YOU?
  • MY SON!!!
  • Stuff
  • His father was so happy to see him, but the son looked at his father and apologized.
  • Father, I do not deserve to be called your son. I have done a great wrong.
  • His father then forgave him and he threw a great feast.
  • This is a great banquet!