User Journey 1
Updated: 5/2/2020
User Journey 1

Storyboard Text

  • Kobe is outside to purchase his weekly grocery shopping .Then, entering the store he sees a poster about the Philippines as the next destination for vacation. This intrigues him and once he finishes his shopping, he goes home to search more about the country.
  • Kobe reaches home and goes to his computer to looks up Philippine tourist websites. Then comes across on ‘ReadySetPhilippines’ website.
  • Kobe, explores the websites from the home page and is impressed by the exotic locations. He then decides to selects the location on where he wants to stay by going through the 'Best Locations for Vacation' which displays a list of cities.
  • After, Kobe exits the RSP website and purchases his flight ticket and accommodation on other websites.
  • To prepare for his vacation, Kobe returns to the RSP website to find travel information and takes notes of useful information. This includes information on money, getting around the city etc.
  • Kobe goes to the airport to catch his flight to the Philippines.