Parents 60th Wedding Anniversary Party
Updated: 9/13/2020
Parents 60th Wedding Anniversary Party

Storyboard Text

  • James, we have 2 hours to set up ballons and tables for the party
  • Rachel and James to leave home at 11am to pick up cupcakes at 11:30am and arrive at Aunts home by 12noon
  • It's 12 noon... let's get started. I'm glad we already picked up the cupcakes.
  • Around 2:30pm Rachel and James will take a 30 minute break to eat and start to freshen up before setting up the private dining area.
  • All done. Now we get a quick break before we start to set up the private area for family
  • I'm starving. Let's go eat something and freshen up. 
  • It's 3:30pm..Did you start warming up the meat Herman?
  • Tracey and her parents arrived at 3:30pm. After helping her parents to her sisters room and giving them their snack, (Also turn on TV for Dad to watch Animal Planet) she preps the vegetables before returning to get her mother ready. The team tells the parents they are preparing food for a neighborhood fall festival as a cover story.
  • Yes, once you finish cooking the vegetables one of us will help you package the food.