Updated: 2/21/2020
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  • Jessica spills water and offers to clean it up and nurse agrees
  • Jessica goes down to get cleaning supplies and finds a body and tries to wake him up, Justin was just behind her and is also scared
  • we are introduced to Marshall and Carly
  • mid shot, Jessica has a shocked facial expression, visible puddle of water, natural lighting
  • Justin and Jessica meet in the bathrooms to discuss what they are going to do but someone is in the stall
  • low key lighting, daylight from top window shining in, Jessica scared facial expression, Justin shocked facial expression, male nurse dead
  • Marshal emerges from the stall and wants in on the plan otherwise he would tell
  • Carly rude facial expression, friends look secretive from camera, slow mo with pan across the grounds, Marshall in the background
  • Carly falls on the puddle caused by jessica and the nurse shouts at her for not cleaning it up and gets made to apologise to Carly  
  • Jessica worried, Justin in a daze, Marshall in the background, mid shot, just dialogue no music, high key lighting
  • Marshall confused, Justin and Jessica both scared of what he will say, on edge music playing, goes darker when Marshall emerges
  • visible puddle of water, 3 different facial expressions -Justin is laughing, Jessica looks guilty, Marshall is still and blank, natural lighting, suspenseful music
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