storyboard pt2
Updated: 2/19/2020
storyboard pt2

Storyboard Text

  • everyone returns to their freinds and Carly is very annoyed, while the others are very worried or scared
  • the group meet up to discuss what they are going to do but Justin brings Carly with him and the group are annoyed
  • they eventually get together and make a plan
  • pans across the room, natural lighting, carly angry facial expression, silhouettes around back tables, food placed around tables, Justin closed eyes, Jessica terrified, Marshal placed far away from everyone.
  • group meet at night time to try and find clues
  • Carly confused and angry facial expression , Marshal confused, Justin blank, Jessica also confused, Marshal in the middle of everyone,
  • they go down to the basement to discover the body isn't there and neither is the evidence
  • all shaking hands, all have scared and wary facial expressions, inaudible whispers, Justin and Jessica standing at front.
  • Justin suggests to scrap the whole plan and leave it but Marshal disagrees as its not morally right
  • all dressed in black, they are all talking amongst themselves, low key lighting, crickets in the background, long shot
  • everyone has shocked facial expressions, very low key lighting, suspenseful music and audible gasps coming from the characters, high angle, the two girls are making eye contact
  • very low key lighting, frustrated noises coming from girls, shouting coming from the boys, high angle,