#006C) Cartoon-The Good Samaritan Parable

Updated: 10/6/2021
#006C) Cartoon-The Good Samaritan Parable

Storyboard Text

  • Who is my neighbor?
  • Stop, please stop!
  • Lets run before someone sees us!
  • When a lawyer stepped up and interrogated how to attain everlasting life, Jesus responded, “What does it say in the law?” “You should love the Lord your God with all of your heart, soul, might, and mind, as well as your neighbour as oneself,” the lawyer declared, and Jesus replied you had given the proper response. He asked, "Who is my neighbour?" in order to defend himself, and Jesus responded with a parable.
  • How unfortunate.
  • A gentleman was travelling between Jerusalem to Jericho when he was violently attacked by thieves who stripped him, assaulted him, and disappeared, abandoning him half-dead.
  • Take care of him; and when I come back, I will repay you whatever more you spend.
  • Following the attack, the individual continued to lie flat on the ground. By coincidence, a priest was passing by on the opposite side of the road, and when he spotted him, he turned around. Similarly, when a Levite arrived at the location and noticed him, he walked by on the opposite side.
  • However, while travelling, a Samaritan drew up to him, and when he noticed him, he was overwhelmed with compassion. He went up to him and applied bandages to his injuries after pouring oil and wine on them.
  • Afterwards, he mounted him on his own horse and carried him to a guesthouse, where he was cared for. The following morning, he pulled withdrew two denarii and handed them to the landlord, indicating, take proper care of him, and when I return, I shall refund you anything you spent more.
  • The lesson of the storey is that you must put your rivalry aside and aid those in need, the Samaritan was unconcerned about the person's religion or race; all he saw was a person in dire need of assistance. Staying upon that side of the road and assisting the gentleman may have placed the Samaritan's life in jeopardy, and assisting the injured man cost him money. Don't be fooled by titles; an individual with the title of 'priest' is held to a higher level, a priest is not a Christian by virtue. We can only obtain a hint of somebody's actual personality by observing their behaviours.
  • Truce